Akira Tuning bringt SKF High Performance MTB Gabeldichtungen in die Schweiz


Vor fünf Jahren habe wir begonnen mit SKF zusammen zu arbeiten um die einzigartige Dichtungs-Technologie, aus dem Motorradbereich, für alle gängigen MTB Gabel erhältlich zu machen.
Bereits in der Testphase haben die Akira Tuning supported Rider die Dichtungen erfolgreich eingesetzt und die Zuverlässigkeit, Performance und Langlebigkeit unter Beweis gestellt. Maxim Chapuis wurde damit 2015 Dh Schweizermeister, Martin Frei gewann die Swiss DH Cup gesamt Wertungen (Elite men 2015) und Marcel Beer erreichte einen sensationellen 13 Rang an der DH WM 2010 in Mont-Sainte-Anne (Quebec).
Ende 2014 wurde die Serien Produktion gestartet und seit anfangs 2015 sind diese nun über Akira Tuning, dem offiziellen Schweizer Importeure erhältlich.
Die Dichtungen können ab Lager geliefert werden und zur Zeit per simple email (mail@akira-tuning.com) bestellt werden.
Zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt werden die Dichtungen bequem über einen Webshop bestellt werden können.

SKF Händler Katalog bild2
Weitere Infos und technische Details findest Du im Webshop unter http://www.akira-tuning.com/shop.php#!/SKF-Tuning-Dichtungen/c/14095019/offset=0&sort=addedTimeDesc Für Händler/ Bike Shop steht nach einer Anmeldung ein Händler Katalog zum Download bereit.


Maxim Chapuis wird DH Schweizer Meister mit Akira Tuning Fahrwerk


Am letzten Augustwochenende wurde im Rahmen des iXS Swiss Downhill Cups in Verbier die Schweizer Meisterschaften ausgetragen. Den Titel des Schweizer Meisters in der hart umkämpften Elite Men Klasse sicherte sich Maxime Chapuis (Cyclone DH Team, Akira Tuning Racing) mit einer Zeit von 4:01.011 Minuten. Ganze zwei Sekunden schneller als der frühere siebenmalige Meister Nick Beer. Dritter wurde der Seeding Run Schnellste Basil Weber.
Wir Gratulieren Maxim zu seiner grossen Leistung und sind stolz einen entscheidenden Beitrag mit dem Akira-Tuning Fahrwerk inklusive SKF high performance Gabeldichtungen, geleistet zu haben.

Ein grosses DANKE an alle Beteiligten die Maxim's Schweizer Meister Titel möglich gemacht haben.


Verbier Swiss Cup/ Swiss Championship


Here is one of the most important race of the year for me !
Moreover in Verbier, one of my favorite place to train and ride with all my friends !
The organisators and shapers did an incredible job on the track ! It was just perfect !
Already during the first practice day, I was really confident on my bike with some good lines.
At the start of my seeding run I just had no pressure, I started like it was a practice run. I ended up 2nd of the day.
A bit surprised, I directly thought there was something to do the day after.
I woke up early in the race day to go and ride early to see few lines.
After few good runs I felt perfect on my bike! A lot of my friends from Geneva and even my father and sister came up to watch me riding for the first time.
Moreover I'm a Verbier bikepark ambassador so a lot of people were for me !
When I rode down to the start gate, i small piece of my derailleur broke. Nothing bad but my bike was really loud.
I tried to forget it and I started 200% concentrated !
Everyone on the side of the track screamed a lot for me ! It was incredible to ride !
I crossed the finish line with the best time, I started to believe i could do it !
There was just the winner of the seeding left.
I had my eyes fixed on the stopwatch, I could see the he was a bit late, He crossed the line two second later than me.
Everyone came to me and I started to realize that I was the new 2015 swiss champion. To win the swiss champs, in front of all my friends, family, in Verbier, in the french part of Switzerland ! It was just incredible ! So unexpected !
I couldn't be happier !
After a hard season like that, it's such a good feeling to be on the highest spot of the podium !


Now I still have the whole Enduro swiss cup and the swiss cup downhill final. I hope its gonna continue that way !

Thanks again for your support ! I couldn't be where I am now without you !

My next news letter will be around the end of October to tell you my feedback of the whole season !

Cheers !

Val di Sole DH WC


After two recovery weeks I was back on my bike in Italy for the World cup final. We did the track walk under the rain, the steepest and most technical track of the circuit became a real nightmare.
During the first practice runs I rode really safe down the slippery track, after few runs i found the good pace so i could leave the brakes.
I took the start of my quali run without any pressure , I rode just how I know how to do it and arrived at the bottom 60st !
Really happy to find back the smile and satisfaction !
On race day I didn't change a lot my lines, i did just 3 runs to keep my arms fresh for the race run.
Few meters after the start of my race run it was already incredible to ride in the middle of all the crowd ! I did just a small mistake in a rock garden but still a good run, I came though the finish line with the 61st time !
I was really happy with that and be with all the others world cup finalists !
I still don't understand why I found back the speed and confidence... I really have to think about it to be faster and stronger next year !

Windham DH WC


After long hours spent at the american border, i finally arrived in Windham.
I wasn't really confident on this short and fast track, the dust was really slippery ! I wasn't really confident and took a long time to find the speed.
In the morning of the qualification's day my back wasn't to bad but my run didn't go as planned so I wasn't qualified for finals one more time.
Even if these two races didn't go really well for me it was an incredible experience to race on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, I met really nice people and can't wait to go back there next season !

Mont Sainte Anne DH WC


After a bad crash in practice at the swiss cup in Lenzerheide my back was really painful and I had to go to the hospital for some X-rays. Fortunately, nothing was broken. After few long physio session I was only back on my bike in Canada for the world cup in Mont Sainte Anne.
A legendary track, long et really technical.
Even with painkillers I hadn't the good pace, I wasn't able to ride at my level during practices
My quail run wasn't to bad but not fast enough to be in the top 80 to ride the finals.

Lenzerheide World cup #4


After few days off at home I drove to Lenzerheide for the round four of the world cup in Switzerland.
Riding in our own country in front of our own crowd is always a bit more fun and motivating ! Even the sun, warm temperatures and dust were finally here after tree wet weeks.
The track was short and technical, i took some times to be used to dusty and slippery conditions but the practice were good without any crashes or mechanicals.

The qualification day arrived, I started to stress a lot because I knew I couldn't do any mistake in front of my own crowd.

I couldn't manage the stress really good and did few little mistakes who cost me a lot of time. I ended up 104th.
I just can learn of my mistakes now, next time is gonna be the right time !

After all these hard races I'll take some days off at home to make my knee perfect to be back stronger for the next races !

The next one is the Megavalanche in L'Alpe d'huez in France. The world's biggest race !

Leogang World cup #3


The sun was at the meeting for the third round of the world cup in Leogang, Austria.
They changed a lot the track and made it more technical than last year.
After the track walk a huge storm came on the village. The track was really slippery and muddy for the practices.

I wasn't really confident on the track and my knee was still cracked. It didn't help to make a good quali run, i ended up 94th and less than a second to the top 80.

Fort William World cup #2


After a long trip to Scotland I finally arrived in Fort William for the world cup's second round. The track was almost the same than last year except the wood section who changed a bit.
The Friday practices were really good and I was really confident on the track riding in the wet, cold conditions.

On Saturday the weather conditions were to bad to let the riders going on track. It was really windy so it was to dangerous to ride.
The practices and qualifications were postponed to Sunday morning.
The Sunday practices didn't go to plan and a crashed hard on my knee. I did X-rays and I had a crack in my knee.
It was really painful but i took the start of my quali run.
I crashed again during my run then I chilled down the track without taking any risks. I ended up 103rd.


European Cup Kranjska Gora, Slovenia


The last week end I was down in Slovenia for the first round of the IXS European cup in Kranjska Gora.

We rode the Friday practice under a huge storm who has made a really technical track. All the roots and the Slovenian dirt were really slippery so rode down the track till the bottom without any crashes was the challenge of the day.

The Saturday practice were better, the rain stopped but the track was still wet. I qualified 19th with a clean run without any risks.

The sun was finally out on Sunday ! He dried the track pretty fast, we changed the tires and everything was better !
I could take different and better lines.
During my race run i did a small mistake at the bottom of the track, it cost me few seconds but i still ended 20th and in one piece ! There was a lot of crashes during the final !

I have now a week end off before i head up to Scotland and Austria for the second and third world cup round. My next newsletter will be out around the end of June ! Stay tuned ! 

Thanks again for your support !


Enduro French cup Blausasc, France


Because of the bad weather at home i drove down to south of France to find the sun and race the first round of the Enduro French Cup in Blausasc.

It was two really nice days on the bike under the Nice's sun. The stages were completely different than what we can find in the Alps. The trails were flats, loose rocks everywhere with some dusty slippery turns. I wasn't really confident on my bike on this kind of conditions. 

I cleared all the stages really good without any risks, i didn't have any mechanicals problems.. I ended up 23th. It was a really good training week end physically and also technically. its good to ride something different sometimes ! 


1st World cup Lourdes, France


Strait after New Zealand I was already on the road to Lourdes for the first world cup round in south-west of France.
After the track walk i was directly feeling good on my bike during practices. The track was really technical, short, rocky with some big jumps.
On Saturday i took the quali 76th with a run a bit to safe and to much on the brakes.
Race day : The weather was nice and all the crowd was arriving. When i've seen this, i just wanted to ride and do my best during my race.
Everything went well during my race, i rode all my lines and clear all the jumps of the track. It was a good run ! 
I ended up 45th !

My best world cup result ever, I couldn't do better to start the season ! I was really happy ! 

During the end of April, I continued my training plan and did some photo and video shooting.
Here is few shots :



Copyright : Benjamin Maillefer, Rider: Maxim Chapuis


End of season 14 Slideshow


Vielen Dank an die Racer vom Akira Tuning-Verbier Bike Park team und Fotograf Hansueli Spitznagel.
Vielen Dank an alle beteiligten Sponsoren!

Rider: Maxim Chapuis, Felix Klee und Fabian Bieli.
Fotos and Copyright by: Spitznagel.ch

Akira Tuning supported Rider Max Chapuis shreding in Bromont USA

European shredders killing Bromont as usual.
Video: Arturo Fransolet. Riders: Charly Di Pasquale, Alexandre Fayolle, and Akira-Tuning supported Rider Max Chapuis.

Introducing: Akira Tuning supported Rider, Felix Klee

Wir freuen uns einer der schnellsten Schweizer DH Racer unterstützen zu dürfen.
Felix setzt eine Rock Shox Boxxer R2C2 mit Akira Gold Tuning ein.
Vielen Dank an Patrik Kuster und alle beteiligten für das Video!