Val di Sole DH WC


After two recovery weeks I was back on my bike in Italy for the World cup final. We did the track walk under the rain, the steepest and most technical track of the circuit became a real nightmare.
During the first practice runs I rode really safe down the slippery track, after few runs i found the good pace so i could leave the brakes.
I took the start of my quali run without any pressure , I rode just how I know how to do it and arrived at the bottom 60st !
Really happy to find back the smile and satisfaction !
On race day I didn't change a lot my lines, i did just 3 runs to keep my arms fresh for the race run.
Few meters after the start of my race run it was already incredible to ride in the middle of all the crowd ! I did just a small mistake in a rock garden but still a good run, I came though the finish line with the 61st time !
I was really happy with that and be with all the others world cup finalists !
I still don't understand why I found back the speed and confidence... I really have to think about it to be faster and stronger next year !