Verbier Swiss Cup/ Swiss Championship


Here is one of the most important race of the year for me !
Moreover in Verbier, one of my favorite place to train and ride with all my friends !
The organisators and shapers did an incredible job on the track ! It was just perfect !
Already during the first practice day, I was really confident on my bike with some good lines.
At the start of my seeding run I just had no pressure, I started like it was a practice run. I ended up 2nd of the day.
A bit surprised, I directly thought there was something to do the day after.
I woke up early in the race day to go and ride early to see few lines.
After few good runs I felt perfect on my bike! A lot of my friends from Geneva and even my father and sister came up to watch me riding for the first time.
Moreover I'm a Verbier bikepark ambassador so a lot of people were for me !
When I rode down to the start gate, i small piece of my derailleur broke. Nothing bad but my bike was really loud.
I tried to forget it and I started 200% concentrated !
Everyone on the side of the track screamed a lot for me ! It was incredible to ride !
I crossed the finish line with the best time, I started to believe i could do it !
There was just the winner of the seeding left.
I had my eyes fixed on the stopwatch, I could see the he was a bit late, He crossed the line two second later than me.
Everyone came to me and I started to realize that I was the new 2015 swiss champion. To win the swiss champs, in front of all my friends, family, in Verbier, in the french part of Switzerland ! It was just incredible ! So unexpected !
I couldn't be happier !
After a hard season like that, it's such a good feeling to be on the highest spot of the podium !


Now I still have the whole Enduro swiss cup and the swiss cup downhill final. I hope its gonna continue that way !

Thanks again for your support ! I couldn't be where I am now without you !

My next news letter will be around the end of October to tell you my feedback of the whole season !

Cheers !